Brad Davidson


For our second installment of the 7 Equity Series, we brought on Brad Davidson to speak on health.

Brad Davidson, Author, Speaker and Performance Strategist from Orange County, CA is highly respected nutrition and fitness expert, a world-renowned strength coach, and an international speaker on the topic of metabolism and performance enhancement. Brad grew up in McMinnville, a small town in Oregon and moved to California in 1998 to pursue his passion for health and fitness. He opened his first Southern California gym out of his garage in 2002 and today he has grown into a leading authority in helping high achieving CEO’s, professional athletes, tactical athletes and highly driven individuals to offset and optimize their insatiable need to push themselves beyond physical limits. Brad is currently a highly sought after speaker for Vistage International (serving more than 17,000 CEO’s around the world). He has trained with some of the world’s leading experts on such topics as stress resiliency, cellular physiology, performance nutrition, recovery methodology, behavioral sciences, brain optimization, and hormonal regulation leading to his cutting edge protocols for optimizing the metabolism and enhancing performance. Brad has been featured on Dr. Daniel Amen’s PBS special and bestselling book The Amen Solution as the programs fitness coach and wrote the workouts for Tana Amen’s bestselling book The Omni Diet. Brad has consulted for over 450 CEO’s, athletes from 28 professional teams, 9 athletes from the Crossfit Games (Including the top 3 fittest women at the 2013 Games), and tactical members from SWAT, SEB, the Navy Seals. Brad’s first book, The Stark Naked 21 Day Metabolic Reset, was published December 2015 with Harper Collins Publishing.

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